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Candice Dall

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(no subject) [Dec. 27th, 2010|03:35 pm]
Candice Dall
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(no subject) [May. 21st, 2008|03:16 pm]
Candice Dall
Josh is meant to Have his operation this tuesday. He is currently sick with a cough and runny nose. I fear that it will be putt off again. Im going to take him in this time and let the hospital make the assessment. There is still 4 days till he has to check into the hospital so i hope he is well enough by then.

In other news i went to a party with a friend on saturday night because i needed to get out. When we were there ange said we will have to go soon cos she had to work the next day. I had my eye on this guy who i thought was hot and i knew that if i go home i would never see him again. So i went and sat next to him and sid "You dont look like your having fun" and he said "I am now". We had a bit of small talk and he said he had been watching me all night and wanted to talk to me but he didnt want to get shut down. Ha ha then i said "So do you wanna make out"? Ha ha i felt like i was back in high school. He seemed lo like that and he put his hand on my face and started kissing me. I gave him my number and he said he will call me to see if i can do something this weekend. He called and he wants to take me up the coast to a really nice place for dinner. He is just turning 22. He is a bit younger but he is hot and he seems to like me. He knows i have kids, He has one to. So the fact the he is still interested is cool. He thinks im cute and he loves my laugh. Im all gitty!
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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2008|04:22 pm]
Candice Dall
So Ben and I separated for reasons i respectfully dont want to post. I got some anti depressants from the doctor and my psychologist diagnosed me with post natal depression today. I have had it from when i had mitchell over 3 years ago. How can you not know you have something like that? Well i am now going to concentrate on my kids and getting myself well. I know this was a big factor in our separation among other things. Its a very heart breaking thing. Im take it one day at a time.
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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2008|10:00 pm]
Candice Dall
[What I Feel Now is.... |crushedcrushed]

Life sometimes gets really fucked up and you cant do anything to fix it. Time needs to heal the pain of what cant be fixed. Why does it feel so fuckin bad!!!!! Give me some time to explain!

(no subject) [Apr. 24th, 2008|07:31 pm]
Candice Dall
I havent logged onto livejournal in weeks. Thought i might update some stuff if i can manage to remember it all.

Josh was booked in to have his operation this coming tuesday, but i had to cancel it today which was real hard for me. He has a cold and it will be too risky for him to go under. Things can go and they want him healthy for the procedure as its a long time to be under for a baby. I was so looking forward to having it over and done with. Now it could be a couple of months before he has it done.

He is doing very well. He is crawling well and pulling himself up onto the lounge and the TV unit. He is such a mummys boy. When i pick him up he hugs me that hard. If i go out he is fine but as soon as he hears my voice he stats sooking and chasing me around. He is eating well and growing well. Once his operation is over, i can move on.

Mitchell is great. He is full on. None stop. I get frustrated at times. He has an attitude on him though. He can be quite rude to me. I have seen way worse though.

Tuesday night i went to the Matchbox 20 concert. I have been a big fan since i was 15. Im so glad they got back together and i had the chance to see them live. I got a tshirt and a USB wristband with the live recording of the show from that night. Its a great idea.

I am on my 3rd week of jenny craig. I had success on the program before. Ben is also doing it with his mum.

Ben is doing well. Things didnt go to plan with him going over to New Caledonia. Some other things are in the works but who knows if it will even happen. Im just sittin here waiting to see what happens. Im enjoying spending time with family and friends. I always have something to do. I see ben on weekends, and mitch is about to start 2 days of daycare down with ben. I get a night off from mitch and ben gets time with him. So this means i will see ben breifly on tuesday nights. Its kinda like when you start seeing someone and its kept to weekends. I dont mind having a king size bed to myself from time to time.

Im making plans to go to Hong Kong with Jillian for her birthday next january. It was going to be Thailand, but ben wants to go there with me.

Thats about all i can recall. ill add some pics.

Lenny and i at Matchbox 20.

Thirsty Merc

Matchbox 20.... Rob Thomas mmmmm
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josh crawled yesterday [Apr. 15th, 2008|06:13 am]
Candice Dall
[What I Feel Now is.... |excitedexcited]

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(no subject) [Apr. 2nd, 2008|10:41 pm]
Candice Dall
[What I Feel Now is.... |exhaustedexhausted]

I haven't been on live journal for a while. Felt the need to come mention that Josh got his first tooth today. Its the bottom right one. Also josh stated saying ba ba ba last week. sometimes its bla bla bla and i think he may have said da da da a couple of times.

Josh had an appointment at the hospital last Friday. My friend Jillian came with me as did my step sister karyn. It rained and we had parked at south bank. Only a 10 min walk away but it seems longer in the rain. Mitch got a piggy back ride from Jill cos he was too slow. I have to go back on the 10th April then next time it will be for his surgery. Did anyone catch the operation on saving kids last week? Well the same operation that Josh is having was on there. Josh not as bad as the little boy on the show. He had to have 2 operations.

Anyways. some pics from the past few weeks.
"Mummys hat looks cuter on me"

Baby wipe are the best fun.

My Boys Playing Together

Josh is so close to crawling now

Thats just how i like it

Mitch Kaley Josh and Dane

My snuggle Bear
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2008|07:10 am]
Candice Dall
Yesterday ben came up and we went out to sizzler for lunch. Mitch ate just about nothing. Josh munched on bread roll and had some custard with a little bit of mouse mixed in. He really liked it. They always like the things with no nutritional value.

This week on the show saving kids there is a story about the operation that Josh will be having on his head on April 29. It should be heart breaking for me to watch.

Ben has taken the car down to the gold coast with him to have it serviced. He took Mitch with him and he is going to stay down there the night. His Nanny will be looking after him. Its so quiet without him here. I have just put josh down for a sleep and its so good to be able to chill out.

I just had Banjo outside with me and he hears other birds and starts going nuts. Whistling back and puffing up. Im really enjoying having him and he is so easy to look after. Ben thought i would want to get rid of him after a week. He is part of the family now.

We are going to my Nana and Granddads place for Easter. Should be rather sad for me. Especially when leaving to come home. It could well be the last time i see granddad. Hmmmmmm

Photos from yesterday. Josh has some funny facial expressions in him.

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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2008|09:21 pm]
Candice Dall
[What I Feel Now is.... |stressedstressed]

So Today started off well. I was going to take Mitch to day care and go shopping with Lenny. I Put Mitch in the car and turned the car seat around for Josh. Both boys thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. I got home and put Josh to sleep. I wowed the lawns and came inside for a drink. The phone rang and it was one of the ladies from Mitchells day care. She said Mitchell has had an accident and cut his eye open and might need stitches. I'm like ok i will be right there. I quickly put the mower in the garage, got my bag and raced to pick him up. I forgot to put banjo in his cage from the rush. When i got there he was rather upset. He had gone under a table to get a block and when he got up he wasn't out from underneath yet. So he has whacked it very hard on the table coming up. The ladies offered to look after Josh while i took Mitch to the hospital. I waited from 10:30 till 2:30 to have him fixed up. I hadn't seen the wound until they saw him because he wouldn't let me go near the gauze pad they had taped on him. I was upset when i saw how bad it was. They had to wrap him in a blanket to hold his arms down as a nurse kept his head still. Then the doctor cleaned it which stung like crazy.... I could tell from his screaming (I cried) Then he held the cut together and glued it and stuck tape over it. I took him to the shops and got Josh a jumper and trackies and a second bonds wondersuit. and for Mitch, i got him a train set to play with when we got home. It was a good distraction. That and his granddad came over to see him. It was a bit of a sucky day.
Photos from today and Mitch, Josh and Banjo playing yesterdayCollapse ) Thats all for today!
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(no subject) [Feb. 5th, 2008|12:17 pm]
Candice Dall
Yes i am a proud mother who posts too many photos of her children.

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